• 09 March 2022

    CIO Think Tank | DevOps strategies: key lessons learned, what comes next?

    • Key DevOps trends and predictions for 2022 and beyond
    • Scaling up DevOps to keep up with the demand for digital acceleration
    • DevSecOps: balancing the myth, the mystery and the reality
    • Elevating DevOps strategies from rapid software delivery to bold innovation
  • 18 May 2022

    CIO Think-Tank | The zero trust imperative: looking at the whole ITI, not just securityond the hype

    • What is Zero Trust, and which drivers put it so high on the digital transformation agenda
    • Envisioning Zero Trust by looking at all pillars of the IT infrastructure, not just the security issues
    • How to apply zero trust within a mixed legacy-modern systems and applications infrastructure
    • Engaging the zero trust journey: where to start, key milestones, key challenges
  • 21 September 2022

    CIO Think-Tank | The rise of digital platforms: towards a dominant model?

    • Understanding the drivers and rationale of the rising platforms economy
    • Platform as a Service: from a technology approach to a transformational business model
    • In-house or 3rd-party cloud-based: which platform strategy for your platform?
    • Platform engineering and scaling: how to set up a realistic although ambitious roadmap?
  • 24 November 2022

    CIO Roadmap 2023 | Key technology trends and predictions for 2023 and beyond

    • Nextgen cloud, digital platforms, low code, security, 5G…: what will really shape the CIO agenda in 2023?
    • Re-charting the scope and breed of IT investments/divestments in 2023
    • Why should CIOs be prepared for the metaverse as the next thing on their agenda
    • Why IT-OT convergence will be a major pillar of IT strategies for the next 3 years?
  • 07 December 2022

    CIO Think-Tank | Targeted divestment strategies as wise pivot to new IT investments

    • Assessing the drivers and potential areas of technology divestment
    • Divestment strategy: reducing, replacing or eliminating?
    • Widening the definition of long-term technology value drivers and contributors
    • Reinvesting capital upon a pre-established framework


CIO Leadership Summit | 24 March 2022

Mapping the IT road from what now to what next