• 20 September 2021

    CIO Catalyst | The evolving role and mandate of the CIO within and beyond IT

    • The new role, responsibilities and accountabilities of the CIO in 2021 and beyond
    • Navigating change: how should CIOs effectively drive organizational transformation?
    • The evolving role and influence of the CIO in the Board
    • Balancing technology investments, business innovation and risk management
  • 27 OCTOBER 2021

    Think-Tank | Edge computing: preparing for the next big IT shift

    • How cloud and edge computing are amplifying one another
    • Re-thinking the ITI model to capitalize on AI, IoT, Edge and hyperconvergence
    • Navigating the Edge from strategy to deployment to provisioning
    • Cloud + Edge: the foundation of nextgen I&O models?
    • Edge adoption: critical success factors, key challenges, critical success factors
  • 01 December 2021

    Think-Tank | New applications development strategies

    • Rising apps development & modernization trends for 2022 and beyond
    • Why RAD and low code AD are becoming the new norm?
    • Will 5G and Devops revolutionize apps delivery and deployment at high velocity?
    • Insourcing/outsourcing/co-sourcing: which model best fits for which type of AD strategy?
    • What is the real future of traditional ERP applications?
  • 09 December 2021:

    CIO Boardroom | The dark side of IT: new methods of modern hackers

    • Key trends and lessons learned from recent ransomware attacks around the world
    • Anticipating the shift to new criminal business models
    • Understanding the ransomware victim profiling and pipelining
    • Recommended defenses: shielding organizations against new ransomware variants
  • February 2022

    Think-Tank | Nextgen artificial intelligence: scaling to the upper level

    • Understanding the growing technology perimeters and business potential of AI
    • Building user trust in expanding AI capabilities
    • From proof of concept to large-scale deployment: building an ambitious although realistic AI roadmap
    • Setting up an AI governance model: what, how, whom?- Reusability, scalability, reliability, security: addressing the growing AI challenges
  • 09 March 2022

    CIO Leadership Summit | Digital workplace: what’s next for IT

    • Redefining how, where and with which technology work gets done
    • Will the new workplace necessarily be fully cloud and AI enabled?
    • Building the critical architecture, building blocks and transition roadmap for the extended hybrid workplace
    • Delivering the workplace as a service – integrating cloud, AI, IoT, collaboration and visioconf tools as a whole
    • Hyperautomation of tasks by capitalizing on what humans and technology can best accomplish together
    • Remote workers, device management and cybersecurity: how will CIOs really address the challenge?


CIO Leadership Summit | 09 March 2022